Thursday, November 19, 2009

All Things Google

Well I have slowly been making the switch to using Gmail and the other Google products exclusively. Google Docs gives me the online equivalent to Word, Excel and Power Point. There are also calendars, task lists and web pages....ALL FREE. I don't have to update my software or make back-ups, it's all done for me online. The biggest feature of all this free-ness is it's accessible anywhere in the world. Whether you are on a computer, or a smart phone, it's all at your fingertips 24/7.

Now many fear having all their data saved somewhere other than their home computer is risky as some fancy hacker could look into your email or steal vital information. True. This could happen, but my money is on the multi-billion dollar company that pioneered all this to begin with and their ability to safeguard the virtual dynasty they have created.

Let's be honest. Who has a better chance of fighting off viruses, or safeguarding and preventing hackers from accessing your data? The ONE antivirus program you installed on your hard drive to help fend off the billions of lines of harmful code that float about the internet like plankton that have been cross bred with great white sharks, or the company that may dethrone the mighty Microsoft as it delves into the Operating System market? My money is on the Big "G" and I will continue to use their products as long as the quality AND the price is right.

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